Chimney Breast Removal

If you are a Building Owner intending to take out / remove your chimney breast from the Party Wall then you are required to serve your Adjoining Owners a Section 3 Party Wall Notice under 2 2(g) of the Act. This is to be done two months prior to work Starting, work can start earlier with the agreement of your Adjoining Owner to wave the Statutory Notice period.

Once notice is served your Adjoining Owner will have 14 days to either consent to the works or dissent. (please see page on notices for full details on notices and times).

Below left is technically an unsupported chimney breast as it is just supported on a piece of timber. This would not meet todays Building Regs standards.


Disasters can happen and if they do you will wish you had a Party Wall Award in place. Watch until the end, thank fully no one was harmed.